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Eye Conditions 

Double Eyelid Surgery, Eyes Surgery Reco
Oculoplastic Surgery 

Eyelid malposition

Eyelid skin cancer - excision and reconstruction 

Watery eye/Lacrimal surgery 

Paediatric Ophthalmology

We assess and manage all eye and vision problems in children. Your child is never too young or "difficult" to be examined by our specialists. 

Eye surgery process, treatment of catara

Latest technology microsurgery designed to provide optimal vision

Sweet Toddler

Turned eyes have significant visual and social consequences for children and adults. Options for treatment may include glasses, exercises, Botox or surgery. 

Amd Screening.jpg
Macular Conditions

We provide the latest treatments for macular degeneration and diabetic macular disease in a caring environment

Sight of old woman verifying by apparatu

Medical, laser and minimally invasive surgery to protect vision 

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